SSINGO Vocational Training Centre – Kyamulinga

Who we Are

Ssingo Vocational Training Centre – Kyamulinga provides a skill set to use living in remote areas of kassanda, to meet the high demand of technical skills in the region.The community is characterized by high levels of poverty, teen pregnancies leading to early marriages then making youths and children vulnerable to exploitation. Equipping youths with practical skills in different courses gives them a opportunity to improve the economy of their community and make them agents of change.

Our Curriculum design matches life skills with the practical experience life projects while training centers functions as a technical hub to demonstrate various technologies applicable in the market. Our unique approach integrates both O level and vocational training to give youths hands on skills to help the earn a living as they continue down the education path.


To serve society through coordinated state wide outreach programs that meet continuing educational needs in accordance with the vocational’s designated land-grant status.


Serving our community of Alumni and friends through imaginative programs that enrich their life long relationship with the vocational and that expand our collective contribution to the world.

Core Values

1. To provide directly, indirectly or in collaboration with other institutions of higher learning facilities for technical trainers in technological, professional scientific education.

2. To provide a multi-level system of post – secondary school education and training.

3. To support a girl child, orphans and vulnerable youth, with skills to develop their lives and families.

4. To conduct National examination and grant such academic awards as may be provided by TVET under NCDC.

5. To ensure that gender sensitivity and equity is observed in the selection of both staff and student.

6. To increase skills development among vulnerable youth and communities that will give them a competitive edge in the local and the global market.

7. To provide practical hands on skilled technician and workers who are creative and innovative to transform Uganda’s economy and contribute significantly to the country’s 21st century objective.

Our Courses

Agriculture, Electricity and Solar installation, Hair Dressing, Tailoring, Plumbing, Catering, Construction, Computer Studies, Motor Vehicle, Shoe Making and Leather Work, and Senior Secondary Ordinary level

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The Partners

Government of Uganda (GOU) | Asante Africa Foundation (AAF) | Mild-Mayd (Dreams) | Buganda Kingdom)